Basic Requirements:

  • Pentium II 400 MHz Processor
  • Minimum 64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended)
  • 50 MB for software installation

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Get Overcome at GSTECH- DOCX File Password Recovery

As we all know, since a long time we all use MS word which is a best application of Microsoft. It’s a great way to record your data in DOCX file. As commonly we all use security password to protect important Docx files, but it become major issue when by any reason password gets vanish or lost, but no worry when we are here to give your DOCX password back by using GSTECH Word Password Recovery Software.

How to remove DOCX File Password?

If you lost your Word file password then, automatically it become need to recover it to continue the work, whether personally or businesswise. You guys just do not worry, GSTECH created a best utility to break password putted on your locked doc file. This technology easily applies best methodologies and crack MS word file password in few minutes to open word file without password. These methodologies are;

Best 3 Methods for recovering your DOCX password online

  • Brute Force Attack Method
  • Dictionary Attack Method
  • Brute Force Attack With Mask


Featured Brute Force Attack Method could specially improve process of MS Word Password Recovery. If you do not have any clue about password then it tries all possible short combinations of password of different parameters. Once you will click to start the process, it will recover your doc file password

If you have any guess about your word file password like as it was started with “A” and if it is 4 character then automatically program process will get reduce, it will start to seek only 3 last character and will take “A” as a Mask and try to retrieve the word file password.

It is recommended. It uses a dictionary which has a list of words. It can recover the password only when it is consist in that word list. This is fast then earlier method.

Eventually it’s a best way to know about how to remove password from MS Word.



Read Top Features- GSTECH Docx File Password Recovery Online Tool

After coated with these fruitful features, automatically it becomes so much relevant and resultant.

Intelligent way to recover

This software is a best convenient way to recover your lost or forgotten word file password here; it performs so intelligently whether it has complexity.

Using Best Methodologies

Here we created best methodologies which can break word file password in one shot. These methods are Brute Force Attack, Dictionary Attack, Mask Attack. These are most useful and definite to give output.

Supportive to all word versions

Its swiftly co-operate with all possible version of Microsoft Word such as 97/2000/XP/2003/2007/2010/2013. So there will be no chance of lacking or fear of failure.

Understands all types of characters of password

The software can efficiently recover every type of character having password. No matter, it is numeric, special character, lower case, upper case or if content space etc. Recovery is possible 100%

Easy to Use

It’s very much easier and user friendly to apply or install and then user can easily process the recovery to get back word file password

Most Safe

It’s so much safe because it does not spread any wrong impact on the originality of database of word file.


Yes ofcourse, it can recover password from almost versions such as MS Word 97/2000/XP/2003/2007/2010/2013/2016

GSTECH Word Password Recovery tool FREE demo has the ability to recover starting three characters at no cost.
It’s a very much helpful method, because it gives you a chance to recover the password with low time consuming. It specially works when an user remember starting first character, then this method takes that character as a MASK and automatically lengthy process of recovery will get deduct and time will be also save with result.
  • Brute-force Attack: With this method you can try all possible combination of special and alpha character in the specified Variety. Weather your password related with capital letter, all small letters, all digits/numbers, all special symbols and the space
  • Dictionary Attack: With this attack you can securely break docx or doc file password with combination of alphabetically teams only. It smartly makes all possibilities of your exact alpha password with the help of specified dictionary file.
  • Mask Attack: This attack is very familiar with brute force attack, but it really save your time if your partly remembered your password. For example if your password length was 6 and starts with latter B then you can define mask B?????, and save time by recovering rest value.
Download FREE DOCX File Password Recovery Online here

GSTECH is more concern about our customer delight, so we provide the best technique always, same way we create DEMO for FREE first, which you can try and get back your password. If you are same user as earlier and forget your word file password then it may be work out for you because it can recover starting three letters of your password and you can memorise it easily after having clue with this.

FULL version of GSTECH Microsoft Word Password Recovery Tool

GSTECH created this brilliant utility gives you a special process to crack word file password at very low price and in a little time.

Software Features Trial Version Full Version
Support Multiligunal Password Recovery
Interactive and attractive GUI
100% Secure
Windows Latest Version
Free Technical Support
Compatible For all verions of MS Word

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