Basic Requirements:

  • Pentium II 400 MHz Processor
  • Minimum 64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended)
  • 50 MB for software installation

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Grab the Best Technology at GSTECH to Recover RAR Password

GSTECH is providing culminating and unlike others methodology which helps user in definite recovery of RAR file. It has stunning capacity to cope up with locked RAR file which need to open. We made it totally safe and secure for every user. It helps user to install easily to do RAR file password recovery. It has sufficiency to open all RAR versions and to give original RAR file in an earlier file format. It adopts 3 Rituals to solve out the password recovery contention, and convincingly become successful in password restoration tasks.

Why need Tool to Unlock RAR FILE?

As we all know many of users wants to protect their files and documents where they record all important databases. In corporate generally businessman suggests their employees to put password to their files to make it protected. But if any new employees enters and did not know the password of the particular file then automatically there will be a need arise where a user requires a tool, which can help him to crack RAR Password and open file instantly to continue the working process of the department.

Likewise GSTECH Worthy Tool accomplish the user task properly by removing the issue by cracking the password from locked RAR file. So not to worry, just grasp the opportunity now to avail a perfect software here, but before that, just download GSTECH trial version we prepared at free of cost.



Primo Features of RAR Password Recovery Software

3 ways to open RAR

GSTECH developed three ways to crack putted password on WINRAR file, one is BRUTE FORCE attack, Dictionary Attack and Mask Attack, and all are superb to break RAR Password

Beyond Compare Recovery

This software works beyond thinking; it takes care of all things for which users are concern generally like safety, time saving means it is so much safer and faster way to meet your requirement.

OS Versions Supports

This software has perfect compatibility with all versions of Operating Systems such as Win98, Win7, Win8, Win10 etc.

RAR versions Supports:

Supreme way to remove password from RAR file because it can work on comlete RAR versions.

Multi Parameters Password Recovery

This technology can recover multi type of password whether it has any character, space, symbols or others, means anyhow it gain its object by recovering the password in every situation.

Recover unlimited sized Password

it has an amazing feature under which, it can recover any size of password of RAR file means it can recover the RAR file password at all levels of size whether short or large size.


yes of course first we made trial version for all users at 0 cost to let you check the working process of the tool.

yes it does, means here at GSTECH engineer created this RAR password recovery program with 3 different technologies (Brute Force Attack, Dictionary Attack and Mask Attack) which helps user in recovering RAR password for sure.
DEMO version of RAR file password retrieval tool has also perform a superb execution but it can only recover 3 characters of your RAR file password which further you can guess.
How to Remove RAR Password Easily?

With FREE DEMO: All you need to just try DEMO first before FULL because FREE DEMO may be help you to reopen RAR file because here DEMO gives you clue by giving starting 3 characters recovery of RAR file password.

With FULL VERSION: Here user can avail superlative RAR Password Unlocker at very economical price

Software Features Trial Version Full Version
Support Multiligunal Password Recovery
Interactive and attractive GUI
100% Secure
Windows Latest Version
Free Technical Support
Compatible For all verions of RAR FILE

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