• How to Convert an OST file to PST

Well behave tips about OST File data Recovery and Conversion

11 APR,2019

Fix OST issues and Open Orphaned OST file

There are the situations when the users are not able to access their ost file due to an unfortunate loss and corruption of the ost file.

The article will provide you the best knowledge about how you can repair the edb file and recover entire data clearly.

Here in this article, you will be getting full knowledge about how you will recover the ost file data by converting it to the pst format

Table of Content

  • What is an ost to pst converter?
  • Why does the ost file gets corrupted?
  • How to get back the ost file data?
  • How to convert ost to pst?
  • Steps for ost to pst converter
  • Best tool to convert ost to pst
  • Features of gstech software
  • Conclusion

What is an OST to PST converter

The ost to pst converter is a software or a third party tool which is used to convert the ost file to the pst format.

Whenever the ost file is corrupted and the data is lost, the ost file format is converted to the pst format so that the data can be gained back from the easily accessible format that is pst.

Why does the OST file gets corrupted?

The ost file generally gets corrupted due to certain virus attacks, software corruptions, Trojan horse attacks, power cuts , low quality software installations etc.

The ost file data can be only gained back by converting the ost file to the easy to access format that is pst.

How to get back the ost file data?

The one and one only method to get back the ost file data is to convert an ost file to the pst format.

Generally the ost file is inaccessible after the corruption happens and the data stored within is lost.

The crucial data needs to be restored and the restoration happens when the ost format is changed to pst.

How to convert ost to pst?

There are certain softwares available in the market which are used to convert the ost to pst.

We just have to install the software to the desktop, Browse the file in the software and just convert the ost file to pst.

There are many softwares in the market so you need to be careful so that the fake companies don’t cheat you and you can get the software you pay for.

  • Install the ost to pst converter software into the pc.
  • Browse the corrupted ost file into the software.
  • Click on repair ost file.
  • Choose scan ost emails
  • Click on recover ost data.
  • Save the data into pst, eml, msg and html.
  • The ost file data is converted to pst.

Best tool to convert ost to pst

There are many tools and software in the market which tend to convert the ost ot pst but at last they end up corrupting the data and causes several problem to the file.

You need to be very careful while purchasing the converter software. One of the best software for ost to pst is Gtech ost to pst converter software

The gstech software gives full guarantee to convert the ost to pst without any problem and threat to the pc or the ost file.

It converts the ost file to pst in few seconds and the data is made available to the user.

Features of GSTECH OST to PST Converter Software

There are some of the mind blowing and efficient features and services provided by the GSTECH software. Some are given below:

  • Full guarantee to convert the 2013 ost file to pst.
  • No harm or threat to the ost file is provided by the software
  • Supportive for all the versions of the ms outlook i.e. 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000, 98, 97
  • compatible with all Exchange OST versions such as 2019, 2016, 2013 , 2010 , 2007 , 2003 , 2000, 5.5, 5.0
  • Full money back guarantee if the customer is not able to get the satisfaction after using the software within first 30 days of the sale
  • Most affordable than other softwares provided by many other companies
  • 24 hours of support service is provided by the company
  • Main focus is customer satisfaction and full efforts are made to give you best experience.


Here in the above article, Full knowledge about the ost to pst software is provided and we have guided about the steps by step method about how to get back the corrupted ost file data back.

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