Well behaieve EDB to PST Converter-helps to repair corrupted EDB file

11 APR,2020


If you have a corrupted edb file and want to recover it then we have good news for you.

The article will provide you the best knowledge about how you can repair the edb file and recover entire data clearly.

Table of Content

  • What is an edb file?
  • What is a pst file?
  • Why does the edb file gets corrupted?
  • How to get back the data of corrupted edb file?
  • Why do we need to convert edb to pst?
  • How to convert edb to pst?
  • Best software needed to convert edb to pst
  • Conclusion

What is an edb file?

An .edb file is an acronym for exchange database. It is a Microsoft Product and widely used to build up email communication with such arcives like- contacts, calendars, email, notes and tasks.

What is pst file?

A PST file is a file which enhances the storage capacity of the contacts, emails, tasks, notes, calendars etc. in the Microsoft outlook.

Why does edb file gets corrupted?

The edb file generally gets corrupted due to the virus attacks, low quality software installation, Trojan attacks etc. This is the main problem generally occurs which leads us to lose the data stored in the edb file. Here are some common errors that user have faced during corruption these are-

  • Unable to Initialize Exchange Information Store Service
  • The connection to the Microsoft Exchange Server is unavailable. Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action
  • 501 JET_errLogFileCorrupt
  • 510 JET_errLogWriteFail / Failure writing to log file
  • 1019 JET_errPageNotInitialized / Blank database page
  • 1206 JET_errDatabaseCorrupted
  • Exchange Dirty Shutdown error

How to get back the data of corrupted edb file?

The one and only way to get back the data of the corrupted edb file is to convert it to the pst format. After converting the edb to pst, the data will be stored in the pst format and you are able to re access the edb file data once more

Why do we need to convert edb to pst?

We do need to convert the edb file to pst because after the corruption of the edb file, The user is unable to access the data stored inside the edb file. The conversion of the edb file to pst will transfer the data from the edb to pst through which the user gets back the data like before.

How to convert edb to pst?

The conversion of the edb file to pst takes place with the help of the edb pst converter software. The good quality edb to pst converter or exchange recovery software converts the edb file to pst with no issues and without any damage to the internal storage or the data within the edb file.

Warning: Only good quality software can be used for conversion process and the methods or the hacks in the market could be really very dangerous because there is a very high probability that they will provide a huge damage to the edb file data. Better to use a quality software.

Best software needed to convert edb to pst

There are many software and methods in the market. Which software is the best?
Which software will perform the conversion without any damage?
Let us find out,
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Here the article has provided full knowledge about why does the edb file gets corrupted, why do we need to convert the edb file to pst format and which is the best software for exchange recovery. Stay tuned for more valuable information.