l Windows data recovery software to recover data from windows
Windows Data Recovery


  • Pentium II 400 MHz Processor
  • Minimum 64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended)
  • 50 MB for software installation

How to Recover windows data files with different options?

GSTech designed a best utility to meet you with organized way of recovering the windows suffered database. Our author made it wrapping with optional techniques to get result promptly. There are presented two choices in our Windows data recovery software to overcome of the problem;

  • RAPID Scan Choice
  • Rapid scan process is the quickest scanning mode, in which its works faster if the user windows hard disk is corrupted due to virus attack or if MBR/ MFT affected badly.

  • BURLY Scan Choice
  • Burly scan process work very slowly but it’s more useful than rapid scan. Its applicable when rapid scan choice doesn’t works. It is useful when windows HDD partitions FAT & NTFS got formatted suddenly, incase long time ago data deleted.

So you can choose the way accordingly to get quick recovery for your HDD database.

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Here we are telling you the situation of HDD decayed…….

A user hard disk can ruin and need to have a perfect windows data recovery tool only when a hard disk passes through any one of such situation like as;

Windows Recovery Software

(BAD windup of machine)

When a user does not follow a standard rule to shut down the system and close the system during running some application, then it can be a cause of hard drive collapsed.

HDD Recovery

POWER gone suddenly or UPS not giving proper supply)

If a power fluctuation happens or UPS is not supplying power enough then also system gets instantly close, also HDD can corrupt.


(BOOT Sector of HDD affected)

Boot sectors for FAT or NTFS (partitions of HDD) has information that assists the file systems to access the volume and to load the OS kernels files. If this MBR get damaged or broken then you would not be able to continue the work.

DATA Recovery


When a laptop or desktop instantly gets heated too much instantly after start the system then it can be a cause of FAN slow process, due to lack of proper ventilation or CPU FAN issues, then system can be too heat and gets HDD quickly damaged.

Repair Windows File

(Internal or system problems)

Windows Data Software smoothly keeps your entire data safe and sound during data recovery process. you can recover sinlge file or folders with unlimited sotred data. It never harm you internal storage data and keeps data secure with original RTF and TXT format.

(USER Errors)

Problems can also occurs when a human does some wrong execution like as; system registry wrong execution/ modifying system files attributes and locations/ Not proper OS installation etc.

Evaluate Windows Hard disk Recovery Software

Eventually, Whenever any IT users goes through with HDD crises , our full version of windows data recovery tool works beyond the user thinking and gives a best result by recover data from windows HDD completely as it was earlier. So rather than wasting your time anywhere else just have full version of FAT & NTFS repair tool and get overcome of the issue now.

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FAQ's and Facts
System Requirements

Basic Requirements:

Pentium II 400 MHz Processor
Minimum 64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended)
50 MB for software installation

Yes, You can unlock any supportive earlier or latest version of Windows without any trouble

No, ofcourse not because it is really virus free software it never harm your system during both installation and uninstallation too.

Yes, GSTECH made its GUI so much easy to handle and easy to operate, so no need to have any perfection in computer handling.

Yes, software has install and unstallation feature for every supportive version of windows Operating system. you don't have any requirnment of any other third party tool to uninstall this software.