word password recovery


  • Pentium II 400 MHz Processor
  • Minimum 64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended)
  • 50 MB for software installation

How to recover lost word password

Get suitable answer how to recover lost word password without knowing any technical knolwedge at GSTECH Softwares. Company desinged best and most compaiteble software of all supported version word file-98/2000/2002/2003/2007/2010/2013/2016. Whenever any Microsoft Word User stuck with locked word file then automatically an instant need arise to recover password from word locked file. In that case, GSTECH Word Password Recovery Tool proved an outcome oriented technique to find back lost/forgot/unaware password.

  • Yes GSTECH intuited technology is so fast as well as less time consuming tool.
  • It’s a relevant way to fix the problem of recovery of word password because it is easy to install/uninstall on almost Win O/S Win98, Win7, Win8, VISTA, XP, Win10..
  • it has great competency to work prefectly on every supported word file upto 2013 and break docx file instantly.

How to Recover Word Password?

It’s not simple to recover password from locked word manually by word user. But, it’s very easily done process by third party tool which is made by GSTECH. Yes here efficient engineer has been done a long surveyed on this critical issue then made this elementary Word Password Recovery Tool. It comes in a manner to retrieve Word password whether it has lost/forget or whether user wants to remove it willingly. It can even restore Word Password whether it has a special characters, lower case, upper case, numeric, symbols, spaces etc. Eventually it a one shot solution for entire MS Word users to unlock word file for recovering lost password from word file. In preference do not hang up yourself for a long to find password back.

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Go ahead to know features of GSTECH Word Password Recovery Tool

After coated with these fruitful features, automatically it becomes so much relevant and resultant.

Word Password Unlocker tool

Efficacy and friendly GUI

It’s prepared with endowment and simple GUI which makes install/uninstall process so simple on user’s system..

Unlock DOCX file

Entire Word compatibility

Extract password from word in entire form as 97/2000/2002/2003/2007/2010/2013/2016. So everyone can retrieve lost word password.

Open Word file

Outgrowth 3 technologies to regain word password

It applies 3 methods one by one to recover word file password quickly. If one does not work, then second and at last third to get a sure result.

DOCX file password remover

Capacity of recovering Multiple Combinations Password

No hurdle feels by tool whether password has such combinations as numeric, special character, lower case, upper case or if content space etc.

Available in 2 effective forms

This Word Password Recovery Tool is presented in 2 forms; one is FREE DEMO as well as second FULL functional process of recovery of password from word file.

word password recovery tool

No fear of Money waste with it

This Word Password Unlocker tool can be refund easily, if user will not find it up to the mark according to him

FREE DEMO of GSTECH Word Password Recovery Program

What you expect with demo? yes it completes your wish by giving you some recovery of password at no cost. Means it’s a great opportunity to watch the demonstration without paying single penny. In process it recovers 3 characters of the password that you lost or need to get back. So snatch this GSTECH Word File Password Recovery formula now and make a further guess to gain it fully to open your word password protected file.

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FAQ's and Facts
Can this software recover password from latest versions of MS word?

Yes ofcourse, it can recover password from almost versions such as MS Word 97/2000/XP/2003/2007/2010/2013/2016

GSTECH Word Password Recovery tool FREE demo has the ability to recover starting three characters at no cost.

It’s a very much helpful method, because it gives you a chance to recover the password with low time consuming. It specially works when an user remember starting first character, then this method takes that character as a MASK and automatically lengthy process of recovery will get deduct and time will be also save with result.

Brute-force Attack: With this method you can try all possible combination of special and alpha character in the specified Variety. Weather your password related with capital letter, all small letters, all digits/numbers, all special symbols and the space
Dictionary Attack: With this attack you can securely break docx or doc file password with combination of alphabetically teams only. It smartly makes all possibilities of your exact alpha password with the help of specified dictionary file.
Mask Attack: This attack is very familiar with brute force attack, but it really save your time if your partly remembered your password. For example if your password length was 6 and starts with latter B then you can define mask B?????, and save time by recovering rest value.