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  • Pentium II 400 MHz Processor
  • Minimum 64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended)
  • 50 MB for software installation
GSTECH ZIP Password Recovery Software

ZIP archive is the best application to compress the data files to make files small in size. For security purpose every user puts password, but can you imagine if suddenly you forgot your ZIP file password because of handling also other applications and files then in that case definitely you will require an instant tool to break ZIP password. So we are here to assist you by providing a well-executed ZIP Password recovery tool.

Why choose GSTECH ZIP Password Unlocker?

  • the resultant and safe tool to unlock ZIP file
  • forward software created to guess the password from ZIP file
  • It easily accomplish your task by recovering you ZIP file password
  • works on locked ZIP file to re-open it by cracking putted password on user’s ZIP file.
  • It executes safely without any harm on every supportive Windows O/S-WinXP/Win7/Win8/Win10

How to Recover ZIP Password

GSTECH efficient and creative IT engineer team developed 3 methodologies after a research & development, which easily unlock user ZIP file and open it.

  • BRUTE FORCE ATTACK Brute Force Attack technique is designed to attack with several differ passwords (with a combination of multiple character or parameters) eventually in a hope of guessing the right password
  • Dictionary Attack Technique: It is designed to choose the password from the words dictionary by default or which you can create by yourself.
  • Mask Technique: This technique is designed to guess the password to open ZIP file easily. Here user can define a starting character of password (if user remember first character of the password), which will be taken as a Mask, it will reduce the time of the process to retrieve ZIP Password quickly.
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Let's have some features of GSTECH zip password cracker Tool to Crack ZIP Password

zip unlocker

Great Graphical User Interface

Here we prepared a simple and intelligent graphical user interface to make user understand easily and properly because it is designed user friendly

Money Back

30-Days-Money Back Guarantee

Here established a best refund policy under which a user can have his money back within 30 days if he will not get satisfied with the quality or process of the software

Free Zip password Recovery


Here we are providing you FREE DEMONSTARTION of our software so that you can check the process of the tool in free without any fear of wasting the money

Zip file password recovery

FULL Version in BUDGET

Here for our prestigious all kind of users we settled an economical price for our software, so that every user can afford it in his budget without taking a burden of heavy price amount.

crack zip password

Increased chances of recovery:

we created here chance to crack ZIP password more because here we are not having single technology but designed three technologies to recover user’s ZIP file password such as Brute force, Dictionary Attack and Mask Attack.

Data Secure

Keep ZIP File Database Safe:

For every user its very much important to be concern about the safety of database file, so user can be sure about the safety of the ZIP file status means it keeps data files as it was.

Download FREE ZIP Password Recovery Tool

We suggest you to try our FREE trial pack first before you purchased because it will assure you about the process of the software. It helps you to guess the password easily because it gives you the recovery of starting three characters in demo.

Get FULLWARE ZIP File Password Recovery Software in Budget

We are concern about our users, so we putted a less price for recovering your ZIP file password. Let’s no need to worry about your budget.

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FAQ's and Facts
Can I create my willing word list dictionary?

Yes indeed you can make you own word list dictionary in any language as you want.

yes definitely we assure you about your data file safety, our tool will not harm originalty of the ZIP file

DEMO and FULL version of ZIP Password remover both are efficient in work but the only difference are two; one is the limitation means DEMO has the limitation of recovery of only starting three characters of the ZIP file password and in FULL it recovers password fully of any size putted on ZIP file. Second difference is price DEMO is fully FREE of cost and FULL version can avail at very cost without harming your budget.

If you have some words in your thinking as a clue then Dictionary Attack method will be resultant, if in reality the password is from your thinking list then you can bet back your password with dictionary method to save time.